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Our Craft

Lovat Mill has a worldwide reputation for woven excellence in design and quality. As well as the production of Tweed, the mill is also famous for its woven pure cashmeres and other luxury fabrics. Lovat Mill is Scotland's premier weaver of Estate and Regimental Tweeds. We are proud to currently supply over 180 private estates and military regiments throughout the UK.

Made to Order

Lovat Mill prefers not to participate in trade fairs but designs and develops exclusive product directly with a select group of discerning customers.

Whether purely aesthetic, through the use of our comprehensive yarn colour strings, or perhaps enhanced performance through the inclusion of Kevlar, Lycra yarns or Teflon and machine washable finishes, we create cloths appropriate to the demands of today’s international clothing and home furnishing industries.

Our cloths are processed in “pieces” or “bolts”, ranging in length from 40 metres to 70 metres each, according to quality.

Our usual minimum requirement for an exclusive “made to order” cloth is 2 pieces per style, per order.

Specialist suiting cloths

As well as producing wool “Tweeds”, pure cashmere, and other luxury cloths, Lovat Mill also manufactures a selection of specialist wool suiting cloths.

One such example is The Bard. Available “by the metre”, it is a luxury 3-ply worsted travel suiting which employs 5 separate yarn spinning and twisting processes to ensure maximum resilience and performance.

Stocked Tweeds

Lovat Mill carries a wide selection of permanently stocked wool tweeds. These are available "by the metre" from the mill, and range from lighter jacketing weights up to the more robust "Sporting Tweeds”, suitable for country pursuits and home furnishings.


Lovat Mill also produces a variety of woven accessories ranging from the more traditional lambswool picnic blankets, to luxury cashmere scarves and throws. These are available for purchase.