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Our Process

Lovat Mill has a worldwide reputation for woven excellence in design and quality. As well as the production of Tweed, the mill is also famous for its woven pure cashmeres and other luxury fabrics.


Lovat Mill has a precious design archive dating back to the 1890’s and, in addition to seasonal collections, our designers work directly with customers to produce a range of exclusive woven developments.

Twisting and Measured Length Winding

In-house twisting of a wide range of woollen and worsted components provides a crucial part of the production process. How these unique yarns are twisted helps determine the final character of Lovat Mill “Tweeds”.


Lovat Mill uses the latest technology to ensure a consistency of quality previously only dreamt of by previous generations.


Lovat Mill is very proud of its modern environment where 21st century technology enhances the core traditional processes.


State of the art Dornier looms help provide our skilled Lovat Mill weavers with the versatility and flexibility essential in the production of such a wide range of traditional “Tweeds” and luxury cloths.


Immediately after weaving, every inch of newly woven cloth is inspected for any flaws or imperfections. Our skilled darners remove any faults by hand and, if necessary, intricately re-weave portions of the cloth prior to final finish.

Quality Control and Despatch

Each cloth quality requires a specific finishing routine designed according to the desired touch and performance. Following this process all Lovat Mill cloth is subject to a final quality control inspection prior to despatch.