The Maud 100% Natural Pure Wool Throw, a beautiful versatile accessory with an amazing history woven into every inch.


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The Maud, commonly known as the Shepherd’s Plaid (or Shepherd’s Maud) has it’s roots firmly woven into the history of the Scottish Borders.  This 100% Natural throw uses undyed wools to create the famous contrast check.  These were traditionally used to protect both the shepherd and their lambs in providing warmth amongst the border hills, a garment to carry supplies and a blanket to sleep at night.  Hawick was already renowned locally for producing this cloth, but The Maud and it’s popularity remained amongst Border Shepherds and Border folk.

It was then in the early 19th century when travelling via stagecoach became popular amongst aristocracy and a growing number of ‘tourists’ recognised The Mauds’ practicality and the benefits of use as a travelling wrap. This increased the exposure of the Black and White pattern and when famous Borderer, Sir Walter Scott ordered the design in a pair of trousers, it soon became the height of fashion. A bold statement amongst the blues and drabs popular at the time and it wasn’t long until the look spread, ultimately this was the birth of what we now know as ‘The Shepherds Check’. This was a key moment in a pre-Tweed era where the local Hawick weavers where able to reach new markets. The Maud and it’s evolution is widely recognised as the cornerstone on which the industry grew. Woven woollen cloths (Tweels) from Hawick became increasingly popular and it was only a few years later that Locke of London placed that famous order.

As The Home of Tweed, Lovat Mill is proud to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and we continue to produce ‘The Maud’ as it was ‘back then’. Using two tones of natural undyed wool, 100% sustainable with an amazing history woven into every inch.

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    • Weight: 1500g
    • Size: 200cm x 150cm
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    Dry Clean Only