Breik Quality

This is a 100% wool covert was the original shower proof coating, long before the introduction of DWR finishes. The outer surface of the cloth is a fine web or high twisted merino worsted warp yarns. These are drawn together by the contraction of the lambswool weft yarns during the milling part of the finishing process. The resulting compact sheer cloth face produces a natural barrier to any water absorption. 100% wool, 495g/m.


This is a 100% wool covert, a heavier milled version of our Breik and a slightly lighter weight at 475g/m.

Brig Quality

Using a similar woven construction to the Breik covert quality, this “Keepers Tweed” uses thicker and more robust yarns to provide a higher level of protection and warmth, whether horseback or craw ling through the heather. 100% Wool, 900g/m

Master Tweed

This 100% wool coating has been woven since the 1880’s. Two beautiful Herringbones woven from fine Saxony lambswool yarn, doubled up for extra thickness and weight to create a soft yet resilient coating